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Know Your Spice Rack

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Most of us have an underused spice rack in the pantry – and now’s the time to learn how to use them! In today’s post we are going to highlight 10 spices and why you should use them.

  1. Cinnamon: we all know it’s tasty, but it’s a wonderful blood sugar regulator. You can even put it in your coffee.

  2. Cumin: an earthy, nutty flavor to add to roasted vegetables and lentils.

  3. Ginger powder: a key ingredient in Asian food flavor profiles, as well as something to spice up fruit smoothies.

  4. Nutmeg: perfect for Middle Eastern meat dishes, as well as sweet baked goods like apple crisp.

  5. Garlic Powder: instant flavor to the quickest, and most basic dinners.

  6. Onion Powder: pairs well with garlic powder for a deep, savory flavor on almost any dish.

  7. Vanilla Beans: make vanilla sugar by placing these in your sugar jar at your tea/coffee making station.

  8. Turmeric: add to beans, eggs, fish, meat, rice and spinach.

  9. Paprika: Hungarian favorite! Makes your food red in color, and supplies some heat.

  10. Ground Fennel Seed: spice up your curries and meat stews with some fennel.

Go ahead and get fancy with your spices – you might just give your old, tired favorite recipes a brand new lease on life!

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