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Making the Kitchen Less Intimidating

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Don’t be afraid of the kitchen, it’s less intimidating than you think. Making better use of your kitchen will improve your health, and your finances – so what are you waiting for? Here are five tips for those who have decided they “can’t” cook.

  1. Everyone can cook
    If you’ve ever been told you’re a terrible cook, shake it off. If you never really learned how to cook, start now! Take a class, research flavor pairings, use trial and error. Everyone can cook.

  2. Get decent tools
    Build your tool kit of sharp knives, measuring cups/spoons, various utensils, quality pots and pans. Cooking is so much easier when your kitchen is set up for success.

  3. Use decent ingredients
    Quality food needs quality ingredients. Respect your body enough to spend a little extra on what you need for home cooked meals. It’s highly likely it will cost the same as, or less than, what you would spend on takeout.

  4. Use recipes
    If you have a hard time creating a meal, use recipes. Trying to “wing it” might end up in a flavor combination that doesn’t work, leading to food wastage. Take more liberties once you get a feel for the ingredients. Until then, learn from someone’s successes.

  1. Take risks
    Start small, cooking for yourself and your family. As your confidence grows, work towards cooking for a larger group.

Take the plunge toward healthy living, by first, going back to the kitchen.

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