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June Menu Planning

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Just as we featured Pacific Produce’s menu plan for May, we are kicking off this month with another well crafted document from people who know best. As the article states, “June is the doorway to Summer produce heaven. This is the time for fruits and vegetables that absorb sunshine to thrive – just like we do!”

Given that Summer is just around the corner, get ready for an abundance of berries. Berries are such a versatile food – try them in pies, mixed with chia seeds in Greek yogurt and delectable breakfast smoothies.

We found out that Garbanzo and Fava beans will be plentiful this year, so it’s a great time to whip up some homemade hummus and add beans to your salads. Grapes and stonefruit are at peak readiness to be enjoyed at any time of the day.JUNE MENU PLANNING1 JUNE MENU PLANNING2

Take a look at the menu plan for some fresh inspiration!

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