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Appetizers for a Beer Social

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Hosting a beer social has many advantages – one of which is the variety of appetizers that pair well with your drinks. Depending on the kind of brew, there is an appetizer for you.

Ale (Kolsch, Cream Ale, Blond Ale)
Try these ales with clean flavors like chicken skewers, caprese salad or sweet desserts with citrus notes.

Serve this carbonated beverage with mild cheeses as a palate cleanser. Lager also works well with mini hotdog appetizers, or other bites that have origins as street food.

Wheat beer
Make your glass of Hefeweizen sing as you pair it with shrimp cocktails, chicken schnitzel bites and even apple turnovers. The light, sparkly flavor of this “white beer” is perfect for just about any pairing.

Oysters and Guinness, am I right? Start your even with this classic pair. Remember – once your savory appetizers are through, a hearty porter works well with dark chocolate, as well.

Bleu cheese and beef sliders are absolute magic with a side of stout. Also, salted caramel ice cream is a total winner when paired with this beer.

Just so you know, the people at BeerChow have an excellent comprehensive list of how to pair with appetizers and you can find it here.

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