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Packing Food for the Beach

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Going to the beach is fun for the whole family, especially when you have a cooler packed with delicious food. Getting the food ‘right’ is part of the experience; gaining priceless new memories, while saving you time and money.

The most important part about beach food is making sure that it’s protected from sand (nobody wants a literal sandwich). Bring a big beach blanket to make a proper barrier between your food and the sandy world below. Ziplock bags are just right for packing your food, preventing sand intrusion with a tight seal.

Consider bringing parts of a meal (like salads, sandwiches or fruit parfaits) and assembling it at the beach. You’ll have a fresher meal, and you’re less likely to become enticed by the burger and fries being sold across the street. Also, make sure you think of everything – from the cups to the napkins, to the forks and plates – make a list and check it twice.

When you arrive home from your beach day, unpack your cooler straight away. Nothing says, “I’ll never pack my own food for the beach again,” quite like a cooler growing its own science experiments after food has spent months decomposing inside. Keep it clean, keep it fresh and enjoy packing food for adventures!

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