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Fresh BBQ Ideas

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Are you tired of flipping the same old burgers every time you fire up the grill? Summer time is here, and you need some fresh ideas! Get excited, because our suggestions might just have you grilling every night of the week.

(1) Salmon steaks
Change your protein, change your BBQ. Salmon is a totally understated griller meat, full of healthy fats and ready to use on a burger or the plate.

(2) Marinated chicken breast
You thought BBQ sauce was only for ribs? Think again. Put some chicken breast in a freezer size ziplock bag, with an ample amount of your favorite BBQ sauce and let it sit overnight. The flavor will be locked in when seated on the grill.

(3) Cheese steak sandwiches
Looking for a touch of Philly in the Bay Area? Grill your steak, and cut it up finely. Add cheese, onions and your favorite sauce to a hotdog bun.

(4) Fajita it!
Grilled, sliced peppers and onions with garlic can make any BBQ protein delicious. Add the fajita veggies to your burger bun or plate – served beside a grilled cob of corn is even better.

Do you have some great ideas for the grill? Comment them below.

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