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Building Staff Culture with Food

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If you are looking for a way to build your staff team, look no further than sharing a meal. Many workplace leaders will occasionally provide food in the break room, without fully realizing that the act of breaking bread together is so much more powerful. There is a big difference between eating together vs. eating alone.

Having your team join for a meal will solidify their relationships simply because you are changing their routine, and hopefully making happy memories in the process. As their boss, showing appreciation through your actions speaks volumes to the value you place on your staff members. Morale is raised via appreciation, and you know that a happy team is a more productive team.

Where possible, make the meal during the regular time your staff would work. If your crew is unable to get together during the work day, try putting on a breakfast before the day begins or dinner when the work day is done. If you’re going for a time outside of work hours, limit “shop talk” so that your team has a chance to talk about other things. You also don’t want people to dread coming together, so keep it light.

Remember that celebrating the little things will mean a lot to your staff. Your effectiveness as a leader is marked by your willingness to go the extra mile for those helping to make the company’s vision work on a day-by-day level.

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