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Kid-Friendly Picnic Menus

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When it comes to catering for a company picnic or BBQ, it’s important to keep families in mind. There’s no hiding the fact that typical “kid food” is less than appealing to most adult palates. What if we told you that you can serve up the best of both worlds?

Customization is key. Burger, hotdog or taco bars are a great way to set up all kinds of add-ons, leaving options for people’s food to be as plain elaborate as they like. Kids typically love plain food that involves ketchup, so let that information guide your BBQ catering choices. Most parents will have a vested interest in their child actually eating the meal, so target the well worn flavors of bread, ketchup and protein like a good quality hotdog or hamburger patty.

Adults and kids have some relatively opposing views on salads though. Since kids aren’t generally the biggest fan of vegetables, but there are some which are more palatable than others. Baby carrots are the clear winner, followed by snap peas – don’t forget the side of ranch though. Most adults will appreciate a raw vegetable platter as an appetizer, too.

The most important thing to avoid is extremes. Don’t go too plain, and don’t go too exotic. Allow for all people to choose some degree of flavor profile for their meal, and you should be able to easily please the crowd.

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