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Football Season Classics

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It’s time to get some spicy wings in the oven and crack open a beer – football season is back! Whether you like to watch the games by yourself, or with your crew, we have some recipe ideas that will keep you focused on the game.

Nachos are a classic football game accompaniment. Recipe4Living gives us an Everyday Nacho recipe that you might like to try real soon. Served piping hot with the works, these nachos are as affordable as they are tasty. Alternatively, you could just go for the All-American Frito Pie.

Check out Chef Michael Symons’ recipes here at the Food & Wine blog. He showcases Spicy Sriracha wings and Pork Cheek and Black Eyed Pea chili as game day favorites.

Don’t forget the classic Reuben. Shown here at, the Reuben offers bready, cheesy, meaty, saurekrauty goodness. Also on the plus side, it’s really easy to make.

This season, spice things up and make your game day food yourself. Who knows? Your house might just become the place to be.

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