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Pros & Cons of a Cheat Meal

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The concept of a Cheat Meal is becoming popular in fitness and paleo circles. Basically, strict dietary requirements are upheld for the entire week, and one meal per week is set aside for eating anything the person likes.

This article at explains how beneficial a cheat meal can be when aiming to carve your physique. Cheat meals can also assist with willpower, since you know that anything is OK in moderation.

Yet, over here at Authoritynutrition they build a case against cheat meals – saying that your body will not fully adapt to clean eating if cheats take place. Sometimes it can be hard to put the brakes on a caloric pig-out.

For those adhering to the paleo diet, Mark’s Daily Apple makes some excellent points about whether or not cheat meals are helpful or not. He encourages people to be sensible about what kind of cheats they make, weighing up the unhealthy and unhealthy options side by side.

In the end, it’s completely up to you. Read up, and make informed decisions about what is best for your body and lifestyle.

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