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Restless Palate Syndrome

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Ever get the feeling that you’re looking for something new and different… all the time? Millennials tend to have a hard time with predictability and easily tire of the same ol’ same ol’. In fact, the same comfort that some get from getting consistently identical meals each time they visit a restaurant is the absolute disdain of those with a restless palate. They want something new – something they’ve never tried before.

Since adventurous choices are trending, the food industry must follow suit. The great advantage of catering to those with restless palate syndrome us that we can not get stuck in a food rut. While some restaurants go as far as Molecular Gastronomy, most are just looking for what’s popular right now.

Get ready to see vegetable flavored sorbets, herbal ice creams, insects served as a meal protein (not kidding!), fourth wave coffee, third wave beer, toast that costs as much as a meal, and teeny-tiny bite size desserts. Cover that toast in honey with sea salt sprinkled on top, serve that coffee over condensed milk and cinnamon, fry those insects and dip them in sriracha – that’s how you satisfy a restless palate. Whatever you do, keep the tastes changing.

It’s not hard to find places in San Francisco that think outside the box. Check out this list of the SF Chronicle’s Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants  and take your pick!

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