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House Made Sodas

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We all know that soda is bad for our bodies, but that doesn’t stop us from craving the sweet, bubbly beverage. As a Private Party Catering Service in San Francisco Bay Area, we know how much people love to drink interesting beverages. Making your own soft drink is one way to get around some of the terrible health concerns that soda may bring. Start with a seltzer base, and go from there – controlling the ingredient list, flavor profile and sugar content yourself.

  1. Lime-Mint Cooler
    Crack open some mineral water, and add a couple drops of pure liquid stevia. Squeeze some fresh lime juice, and for a rustic touch, throw the lime wedge into the drink for extra tang. Tear up some fresh mint leaves to release the fragrant oils and stir them into your drink. Add some ice, and drink through a straw. Delish!
  1. Fruit-Herb Honey Syrups
    Learn how to make both cooked and raw pressed syrups, here at The Yummy Life.
  1. Fizz-Ed, from Bon Apetit
    These flavors are so good, they’re basically mocktail recipes. With 39g of sugar in a can of Coke, these sodas boast a measly 8-17g of sugar.
  1. Italian Style 
    While not necessarily healthier at face value, this cola syrup does skip out on the high fructose corn syrup and provides you with pure cane sugar instead. Another benefit of making soda with syrups, is that you can decide how much you use. This is especially great for those trying to wean themselves off a cola addiction. Do it step by step!

Go ahead and try something new! Also, remember us if you are looking for Corporate Catering in San Francisco Bay, Private Party Catering in Mountain View, or Wedding Catering in San Mateo – we’ve got you covered.

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