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Interesting Ways to Serve Drinks

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Tired of traditional ways to serve drinks? We love parties – especially because we do Event Catering in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond! So, let’s explore some unconventional containers, coolers and carriers.

  1. Glass dispensers with a tap 
    Make signature party drinks in bulk, and serve them on tap. This will prevent you from spending the whole time in the kitchen, and surprisingly, will save you money on buying individual drinks in cans or bottles. Once you buy a dispenser, it will pay for itself after one large-party use.
  1. Go glass
    Seems that vintage milk bottles are now the new Mason jar! Pair with a reusable straw, and you have yourself an eco-friendly serving container. Don’t completely abandon Mason jars yet, though. They make great containers to serve and seal individual drinks as green alternatives to canned drinks.
  1. Red Wagon Cooler
    Have your kids got one of those little red wagons? Fill it with ice, and you have yourself a cooler.
  1. Inflatable Treasure chest cooler
    This is awesome!  Pirate party or no, this has to be one of the funniest ways to keep your cans cold.
  1. Copper Mugs
    These little guys can get pricey, but you’ll never enjoy a Moscow Mule more than in a copper cup.

Add atmosphere to your next party by serving your drinks in a new way. Call us if you’re looking for Private Event Catering in Redwood City, or anywhere in the Bay Area.

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