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Unusual Flavor Pairing

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As event caterers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are seeing more interesting flavor pairs and fusions rising up. While bacon everything seems to have almost run its course, we’re still seeing it crop up around the place because – let’s face it – bacon pairs with almost everything.

While some of these recipes are health problems in the making, BuzzFeed offers some interesting flavor pairs in this article here. We love our desserts at Catering Central, and we know you’ll love our Private Party Catering in Mountain View and beyond! Gluten free cakes and chocolate truffles? We’ve got you covered.

Over at Paste Magazine, we have some cleaner food combinations to check out – but avocado and coffee? We’re not so sure about that one…

GustoTV keeps us up to date particularly with meat glazes, and the kinds of unexpected flavors to add to your cuts. Sriracha and sweet jelly chicken drumsticks? Yes please! And for those who haven’t indulged in a Chili Hot Chocolate before, do yourself a favor and try this flavor.

Do you have any winning combinations? We would love to see you share them below in the comments section.

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