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Interview with Aili Ice

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At Catering Central, we are proud to partner with other local businesses working in the field of event planning and management. One of our great vendors is Aili Ice Designs, floral artistry that is second to none in the Bay Area. We were lucky enough to ask Aili a few questions about her business, and what makes Aili Ice Designs different from the rest.

CC: How does your business service weddings?
Aili: We always make sure that we are catering to the individual’s taste, while leaving room for some artistic freedom on my end. Knowing how important an event like a wedding is, we make sure that each piece is made as beautifully perfect as possible.

CC: How do you work with Caterers?
Aili: We customize everything to the needs of the event. Typically, caterers will ask us for a sample before deciding to partner. Once the relationship is established and they understand our work ethic, there is more freedom to create.

CC: When it comes to flowers, how do you work with the seasons?
Aili: Spring and summer are my absolute favorites, because of all the amazing colors and vibrancy that can be added to each piece. In winter, we work with classic colors like reds and whites – which produce beautiful, clean pieces. Holiday parties are also some of the biggest times in the event industry, so we make floral pieces to suit these events.

CC: What inspires you?
Aili: The abstract. I am an artist, first and foremost – I am driven by the ability to create.

While we were interviewing Aili, she was working on a wedding project with her team, and she was constantly improving on her design – asking her team about the piece’s presence and flow. We got the impression that everything at Aili Ice Designs is a team approach, and her team are more than just “employees.” To Aili, her team are all individuals who each bring something different to the table. Aili’s design shop is a warm, welcoming environment – full of laughter and joy.

As Caterers in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is our pleasure to join with Aili Ice Designs. If you would like to know more about Aili, check out this recent article on The Front Porch and call her shop today on(650) 299-1211.

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