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Fried Rice Made Easy

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Have you ever wanted to replicate the seemingly simple, but delicious fried rice that you order with your takeout? Maybe you’re thinking about how to spice up regular fried rice, to make it a stand alone meal? We have 5 steps to fried rice success!

Leftover Rice
The rumors are true! Day old rice, straight out of the refrigerator is best for fried rice. Don’t try to use hot rice, because that’s how things go wrong from the beginning. Nobody likes mushy rice.

Fry Each Item Separately
Some say this isn’t totally necessary, but if you want your ingredients cooked to perfection give them all exactly what they need. Work fast, frying all items then combining at the end.

The Right Kind of Pan
Apparently you will never achieve the exact taste of store bought fried rice at home, because industrial pans are so much bigger and hotter than what we have in domestic kitchens. Having said that, using a large, piping hot wok will give you better results than smaller ones. Don’t crowd the pan!

Protein Power
Adding tofu, chicken, beef, pork or shrimp to your rice technically makes it Special Fried Rice. That being said, protein transforms this traditionally carbo-loaded meal into something that will not just fill your belly, but also keep you going.

Salt Over Sauces
Many people make the mistake of adding too much soy or oyster sauce for flavor. The problem of adding excessive moisture, is that the rice may soon become mushy. It is recommended that you season with salt if the fried rice tastes bland, adding only a couple of spoonfuls of soy sauce to the whole dish.

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