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Seasonal Roast Vegetables

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There’s something unbelievably comforting about devouring roast vegetables aside roast chicken or lamb. The smell itself is enough to make your mouth water. As we wrap up with the Fall season and head into winter, we want to inspire you to go the extra mile with your food preparation and learn to enjoy the slow roasted delights of old.

Some are daunted by the idea of making a roast meal, but if you find yourself in that camp, you’d be surprised at how simple the vegetable portion can be. First, get yourself a good, deep roasting pan and line it with foil. Roughly cut some seasonal vegetables like butternut squash, sweet potato, zucchini, rainbow heirloom carrots and some regular potatoes (because let’s face it, they’re delicious).

Coat the vegetables in some good quality olive oil, and toss until they’re covered. Give them a generous grinding of fresh sea salt and pepper – now it’s time for the secret ingredients. Fresh rosemary will add a ton of flavor to the vegetables, and make your house smell divine in the meantime. Secondly, whole cloves of garlic roasted with the rest of the vegetables will boost the flavor profile immensely.

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