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Sushi 101

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The Materials
You will need; a rice cooker, super sharp knives, large bowl, rice paddle, small bowls and plates, colander, cutting board. Sushi mats are handy, but believe it or not, you can roll it up without one (see guide here).

The Rice
It has to be sushi rice! Don’t skimp, use a good quality short grain. Wash it with cold water, then cook it according to the ingredients on the package. Take a look at this guide to the perfect sushi rice from All Recipes.

The Fish
Sushinow helps people to find the right fish for homemade sushi. It has been said that the most important factor in a piece of sushi, is the quality of the fish itself.

The Vegetables
Asparagus, carrot, ginger, cucumber and avocado are important veggies to use in sushi making.

The Rolling
Explaining how to make sushi might be a little complicated for one paragraph in a post, so go on over to this video here for a play by play.

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