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Happy Hanukkah from Catering Central!

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This weekend, millions of Jewish people around the world started the yearly celebration of Hanukkah. Festivities will continue for the next week as candles are lit, latkes are fried and kids devour handfuls of chocolate gelt. We have a couple of ideas to help get your Hanukkah party started!

  1. Take a look at Pinterest
    While running the risk of being sucked into an internet rabbit hole, searching for decor ideas on Pinterest will give you a wide variety of exciting trends and treasures. All things silver and blue, this year’s Hanukkah parties are looking all kinds of beautiful, while still being steeped in historic tradition.

  1. Dress the part
    Ugly winter sweaters a little too Christmassy? Never fear – there are plenty of hilariously ugly Hanukkah sweaters available online. A little Google search will get you giggling, with dancing dreidels and wintry chanukiahs knitted into some snazzy threads.

  1. Keep your focus on the tradition
    What’s a party without truly appreciating why you’re having the celebration? Hanukkah is a festival of miracles and light – remember why you’re coming together with people you love, and enjoy each moment.

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