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Ways to Step Up Holiday Hosting

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Hosting friends and family this holiday season? Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, we have some ideas to give your guests memories to last a lifetime.

  1. Uphold a tradition – or start one!
    Traditions can be a whole lot of fun. Maybe it’s a friendly game of football, playing Rock Band on the Xbox, dusting off an old board game or giving everyone matching socks. Whatever your holiday tradition, you can be sure that it will fast-track your party’s success.

  1. Relax by the fire
    Haven’t got a fireplace? No worries. You can pick up an electric fireplace for under $100 at the Home Depot. If you’re not interested in that idea, you can also get a less-warm version on Netflix for free. Search for, “Fireplace for Your Home,” and enjoy the sight and sound of a warm fire with no extra costs.

  1. Make a centerpiece
    No matter the occasion, this is the time to get your Pinterest on. Decorative or edible, a centerpiece sets the tone for an event or gathering. A centerpiece makes this day different from every other day on the calendar – this is a day to celebrate!

  1. Stick to a theme
    Colors, patterns, icons and monograms make an excellent basis for a themed party. Feel free to stray from the typical colors of the season, and accentuate the party theme with classy, modern icons.

  1. Signature cocktails
    Make your bartending a breeze, and serve a signature cocktail. The Vieux Carre is perfect for a classy wintery gathering, and you can find a recipe here. Why not try serving some grown up Eggnog while you’re at it?

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