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Will Bananas Disappear?

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Did you ever wonder why banana flavored candy tastes nothing like actual bananas? Well, apart from the fact that the flavor profile you’re tasting was made of chemicals in a lab, artificial banana flavor was actually made to mirror the taste of the Gros Michel banana. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s extinct – wiped out by a strain of Panama Disease, an almost immovable fungus.

The banana you know and love today is the Cavendish, which unfortunately is being threatened by the very same disease. According to an article by The Washington Post, there is no way to stop or even contain the disease. Because Cavendish are basically the only bananas available, and are essentially clones of one another, there is no biodiversity in the crop – leaving them open to Panama Disease.

In 2011 Australia experienced a banana crisis due to completely different reasons, when Cyclone Larry swept through crops – causing Australians to pay up to $14AUD a kilogram. With the rise of the disease, and how difficult it is to stop a fungus spreading, we are sure to see banana prices skyrocketing in the future. Let’s just hope there are still bananas left for future generations.

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