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Celebrating Australia Day

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In honor of Australia’s national holiday, we’re bringing you some classic Australian recipes. Aussie cuisine is as unassuming as it is eclectic, with very few of Australia’s favorite foods actually originating in the region. Click on the titles for recipe links!


  • Australian Meat Pie
    Ground beef and brown gravy, cased in a puff pastry shell – this is the Aussie meat pie. Usually a handheld snack on the go, Australians also regularly chow down on pies covered in tomato sauce (ketchup) while spectating at the footy (football).


  • Lamingtons
    A lamington is a small cube of sponge cake soaked in a thin chocolate icing, rolled in dessicated coconut. A vital part of morning or afternoon tea, lamingtons are best enjoyed with a freshly brewed pot of tea with milk.


  • Cheesymite Scrolls
    Most Americans find Vegemite pretty gross, and Australians will admit that it’s an acquired taste. Wrapped in pastry with cheese though, Cheesymite scrolls might change your opinion.


  • ANZAC Biscuits
    A shout out to the soldiers in wars gone by, ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. These biscuits (cookies) are traditionally baked for ANZAC Day on April 25th every year.

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