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Catering a Baby Shower

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Baby showers are a great way to start the celebration of life. Whether you’re saying, “Cheers!” to a son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin or friend – a baby shower is a place you can get creative with food.


  • Cake
    Maybe you’ve seen how a themed baby shower cake can go wrong, via Cake Wrecks. Rest assured, there are tasteful cakes to celebrate the pending arrival. Pastel frosting, decorated cupcakes and kid-friendly themes always work.


  • Gimmicky food
    Baby carrots, Baby Ray’s dipping sauce, baby back ribs, baby spinach – anything with the word baby is a humorous addition to the food table.


  • Games
    There are certainly some gross baby shower games out there, having to do with food that looks like dirty diapers. If you’re looking for something more tasteful, why not play something like Guess the Baby Food? Take the labels off a few jars and see if your guests can identify the flavors.


  • Adult takes on kid food
    You’re never too old for some chicken nuggets and pizza, but most of us grow out of enjoying the taste of processed food. Whip up some breaded chicken tenders with buffalo and ranch, and make your own pizza with antipasto.

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