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Types of Salt

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Salt is undeniably the most important seasoning for any savory dish. Used to balance sweetness and accentuate the flavors in food, salt comes in a variety of different types – here are just a few.

Kosher Salt
Kosher salt is a coarse-grained and made of salt crystals. It’s usually not iodized, and in and of itself isn’t necessarily kosher – more likely used to make certain meat kosher by removing blood from the meat. Best used for seasoning meat.

Himalayan Sea Salt
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Rock Salt
Used for managing ice, and curing foods like bacon and fish.

Sea Salt
Aptly named, as it is formed by the evaporation of seawater. While it doesn’t offer any great health benefits, many chefs believe it tastes better than other types of salts.

Fleur de Sel
French hand-harvested sea salt, scraped from the top layer of salt pans. This is salt for special occasions, which also boasts a more complex mineral profile.

Infused Salt
Salt infused with flavors like; herbs, spices, chili peppers, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Iodized Table Salt
Table salt mixed with a minute amount of the element iodine, which is present to prevent iodine deficiency.

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