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Honoring Dorothy Fadiman

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The owner of Catering Central, Marcos Belfiore first met Dorothy Fadiman and her daughter Maria at Lucie Stern Community Center, where we were discussing details about her daughter’s upcoming wedding reception. I have since learned the value of the connection with Mrs. Fadiman, in the light of her incredible career as a filmmaker. During the short period of time that I spent with Dorothy, I enjoyed her warmth and gentleness – coupled with the poise with which she holds herself.

This week on our blog, we would like to share a tribute to Dorothy Fadiman’s accomplishments in the film industry, in the hope that you may learn not only about her work but directly from her work. Dorothy has spent the better part of the last four decades making documentaries about social justice and human rights, making an indelible impact on the world around her – not to mention an Oscar nomination and an Emmy!

Dorothy’s passion towards making a better society is marked by the topics with which she has researched and exposed throughout the years, including women’s reproductive rights, world peace and civil rights (click for a full filmography her website). The brief interaction in which Marcos Belfiore worked for Dorothy Fadiman left a lasting impression. He has always admired the down-to-earth, humble and kind interaction that he had with a strong woman of such high achievement.

Our small family here at Catering Central we would like to publicly thank Dorothy and her family for choosing to work with our local catering company, affording us the chance to be a part of her world.

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