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Family Mealtime Tips

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At Catering Central, we believe that food can transcend the role of simple nourishment. Food brings people together, providing a reason to gather and connect. When families with young children come together for dinner, we know that it can be difficult to wrangle the children while also enjoying your meal. Here are some tips for family mealtimes:

  1. Teach Table Manners
    Age-appropriate expectations are crucial to learning to enjoy food together as a family. Using cutlery, using a napkin, eating with mouths closed, complimenting the chef and asking for permission to leave the table are all skills that can be taught!

  1. Teach them to Cook
    Your children will appreciate their food even more if they’re involved in the preparation. Toddlers can stir, preschoolers can help measure, elementary schoolers can chop, and older children can really start to take on more exciting cooking projects.

  1. Feed Young Ones Earlier
    If your young child needs to start getting ready for bed, don’t expect them at their best for adult dinner time at 7:30pm. Toddlers and preschoolers can eat at 5:30pm, and with a bit of luck, will be out like a light by the time you’re ready to enjoy a more grown up meal.

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