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Efficient Meal Planning

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Meal planning is worth its weight in gold when done properly. So, what makes a meal plan work?

  1. Be realistic
    Your meal plan will fail if you schedule three carrot sticks and a tablespoon of hummus for lunch on Tuesday, and an apple for lunch on Thursday. Plan balanced meals with sufficient nutrition.

  1. Be specific
    How many meals need the same ingredients? How many portions will you split pre-made food into?

  1. Make a shopping list
    On the topic of specificity, go through your meal plan and write down all the ingredients you’ll need. To save time, make the list in the kitchen, where you can check the fridge and pantry for items you already have.

  1. Don’t be too rigid
    You’re not feeling the soup you made? If it tastes good, but you’re not in the mood, freeze it for a later date. Have some backup food ready to take its place, but be careful to leave ingredients for the other recipes you’ve planned.

  1. Have all parties on board
    Make sure your family like the food you’re planning. Don’t be too adventurous, unless you have some backup food.

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