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Snack Right

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Snacks have taken a bad wrap in the past, being viewed as a departure from regular healthy eating. Modern snacking trends have gone back to basics, with most people reaching for natural snacks when 4PM strikes. Here are a few snack trends we’ve seen this year:

  1. High Protein
    These snacks don’t mess around – protein bars, jerky, nut butter, cheese and seeds are all densely nutritious bites for serious snacking.

  1. Low Carb
    Matching the high protein trend, is a need for snacks that are low on carbs. Olives, celery with cream cheese, or low fat string cheese really hit the spot.

  1. Calorie Controlled
    Certain brands of snack food produce portion controlled packs of their product, clearly labeled with the amount of calories per pack.

  1. Fewer Ingredients
    Clean eating is about consuming food that is natural. With fewer, pronounceable ingredients, people feel more comfortable about reaching for these snacks.

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