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Healthy Snack Choices in Your Company’s Kitchen

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It has been said that sitting is the new smoking – yet the majority of American adults work jobs where they sit all day long. Along with taking frequent breaks, the addition of standing desks, and basic chair exercises, office workers can improve their overall health by sticking to nutritious snacks. But, are healthy snacks available in your office? Here’s how you know:


  • Go as natural as possible
    Can you pronounce all the ingredients in a packaged food? If you want to eat healthier snacks, get used to reading labels. Look for items with few ingredients, and ones that you can say out loud.
  • Limit sugar
    The American Heart Association states that men can safely eat 37.5g, and women can eat 25g of sugar per day. When choosing a snack, try to keep the sugars as low as possible – remember – added sugar is highly addictive.
  • High protein/Low carb
    Fill up on protein rather than carbohydrates, and you’ll fuel your body in a more efficient way. Excess carbs turn into sugar – if you don’t burn it, it becomes fat.

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