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Meal Plans vs. Ala Carte

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When you are looking to cater an upcoming event, consider the difference between meal plans and ala carte menus. At Catering Central, we are all about building quality meal plans that provide a structured theme to your event, rather than simply providing food. We believe that food can transcend simple nourishment, and become a vehicle for making memories.

Ala carte menus can definitely provide interesting bits and pieces for guests to nibble, but there are some major drawbacks for both the client and caterer. These kinds of menus create chaos and frustration in the caterer’s employees, as there is no flow. In addition, the foods are chosen based on taste preferences alone, rather than seasonality.

As we have said many times before, a themed meal is a delight for everyone involved. When the food has a theme, the event feels cohesive, and catering staff have a tighter grasp on what it is they’re serving their customer. Combined with the knowledge that we are providing the freshest food possible, a themed meal is hand designed to the nth degree – so you can focus on enjoying the occasion.

If you need catering for an upcoming party, corporate event or special occasion, we would love to work with you to make it happen. We do Private Party catering in the San Francisco Bay Area, Corporate Catering in Silicon Valley (94404), and events all the way from Mountain View to San Francisco. If you’re looking for catering when it comes to parties, events and gatherings – call us today on (650) 961-3300.

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