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Chicken Breast 5 Ways

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Chicken breast is quite literally the food of champions – with most athletes and bodybuilders consuming chicken breast as their lean protein of choice. At 124 calories per 4oz serve with zero carbs, chicken breast boasts less than 2g of fat, 288g of potassium, 12g of calcium, and a whopping 26g of protein. Another giant advantage of chicken breast is that it is so versatile, making it easy to consume new and tasty meals every day. Here are five ways to prepare yours:


  • Pesto
    It’s as simple as pan frying some chicken and adding a couple of dollops of pesto at the end. Keep in mind that you’re adding extra oil, which can be great served with sweet potato where vitamin A is absorbed better with some fat.
  • Herbs and Spices
    What do you have in your spice rack? Sprinkle a bit of this and a bit of that on the chicken breast as it cooks, along with salt and pepper. Onion and garlic powder work really well here.
  • Marinara
    If you’ve cut pasta from your diet and you’re missing some good old fashioned red sauce, slather some on your chicken breast.
  • Salsa Chicken
    Check out this recipe from All Recipes.
  • Marinated
    Whether it’s honey soy, teriyaki, BBQ, or spicy buffalo sauce – marinating chicken in a ziplock bag overnight will pack your protein with a flavorful punch.

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