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The Dairy Debate

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The subject of dairy is one that has sparked controversy for decades, with many people debating whether or not we should be drinking cow’s milk. Gone are the days where soy milk was our only commercially produced alternative milk, and now with almond, coconut, cashew, and hemp milks at our fingertips, we can make informed choices for ourselves. Here are some pros and cons for dairy consumption:

Calcium – one glass packs a whopping 305mg of calcium, around a quarter of an adult’s daily intake.
Taste – most people agree that that the taste of dairy milk is more enjoyable than alternative milks, and holds a smooth consistency.
Availability – wherever you are, you’ll have dairy options at hand. When you only drink alternative milks you’ll have a harder time finding options, especially when traveling outside of cities.

Digestion – dairy slows down digestion, and really messes with some people’s systems. Lactose intolerance is more common than we realize, and many people experience gastrointestinal symptoms after consuming dairy products.
Added hormones (rBGH) – some milk contains synthetic bovine hormones which can affect growth and stimulate cancer cells. Always look for dairy that claims to be without these hormones.
Added sugar in flavored milk – many parents frequently give their children chocolate milk while out and about, believing it to be a healthier option. One kid-sized box of chocolate milk packs around 24g of added sugar!

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