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Restaurant Health Hacks

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Are your restaurant choices throwing you off the health wagon? Eating out doesn’t have to break your nutrition goals, as long as you’re equipped with some strong willpower, pre-decided boundaries, and you’re willing to lose the FOMO (fear of missing out).

  1. Have you already “cheated” this week? If you’re indulging more than three times a week, you’re going to have trouble progressing with weight-loss goals. Decide what kinds of compromises you’re willing to make, for example; people on a low-carb plan might “cheat” with some rice, but decide not to go all the way to fries-town.

  2. Custom build your meal – if that’s appropriate for the restaurant. Prioritize lean proteins, and always add something fresh. Brunch is a breeze, with a veggie omelette! You can add meat if you like, but by ordering the veggie version, you’re packing in extra health. Cut the hash or home fries, and add a salad. You’ll be jealous of other plates at the time, but thankful when you’re not sluggish later on.

  3. Limit sugar – don’t drink your calories! Save your calorie budget for the awesome food you’re about to devour, rather than blowing them on a soda. If you’re wanting some dessert, factor it in, by reducing the calories of your main meal. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about balance!

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