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Beware of “Health” Food

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We’ve all been there – hungry and grocery shopping. While we know the two are a terrible match, we still find ourselves scaling the aisles with rumbling tummies; usually looking for something healthy to fill the void. You can be fooled by natural-looking packages, rustic text, or the color green… but the only way to tell if your “health food” is really healthy, is by reading nutritional information.

Your first port of call is to look for sugar and salt. So-called “healthy” foods shouldn’t be teeming with these things, although a little is usually needed for flavor. This is where it gets tricky – products with real fruit aren’t labelled with added vs. naturally occurring sugar. Your job is to be super sleuth to all the code names for sugar in the ingredients list – turns out there are 61 different names for sugar! Too hungry for research? Grab a banana; you already know what it’s made of.

Salt is used as a preservative for many packaged foods, hence the astronomical levels of sodium in certain longer-life products. Also, your health food won’t do you any favors if it’s lacking in dietary fiber, and packing a giant stash of carbohydrates. When in doubt, go as natural as possible. Plain Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts will nourish your body better than a processed energy bar.

Make July less of a health-kick and more of a permanent lifestyle change. While there’s no such thing as “good” and “bad” food, let’s work together on spending the majority of our lives filling our bodies with nutritious fuel instead of empty calories. If you’re looking for event catering in Redwood City (94604), private party catering in San Jose (95117), or general catering in the San Francisco Bay Area – call us today on (650) 961-3300. We thrive on healthy food – and so can you!

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