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Sneaky Vegetables

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If your kids are picky eaters, it’s time for you to get creative with your cooking. Parents have been hiding fruits and vegetables in their children’s food for decades, and it seems to get easier every day with cookbooks like Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. We have a few tricks to help you become stealth about health:


  • Start Right
    The ship may have already sailed on this one… but as soon as your baby is ready for solids, start them on something that isn’t sweet. Beginning with banana might seem harmless, but be ready for them to think everything that isn’t sweet is gross.


  • Grate!
    Grate, puree, or finely process vegetables to sneak into recipes. If they can’t see it, they won’t know it’s there. Pasta sauce is a great way to disguise carrot, zucchini, peppers – even spinach!


  • Replace
    Why not make healthier versions of unhealthy eating-out recipes at home? Find yourself saying YES to donuts and waffles, while controlling the ingredients you choose to include.


  • Loaded Desserts
    Black Bean Brownies sound disgusting, but taste amazing. Green smoothies look green, but taste fruity. There are all kinds of muffins, cakes, and sweet treats that you can load with vegetables – and your kids are none the wiser.

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