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Order the Water!

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Next time you’re eating at a cafe or restaurant, order water. There’s that tempting moment when the server asks what you’d like to drink, and chances are, you’re probably interested in a soda, juice, or something a little more alcoholic. We have four reasons why water (the seemingly boring option) is the very best choice for you:

  • Don’t drink your calories
    You only get around 2000 a day – why spend them on drinks? Twelve ounces of cola will set you back 140 calories, and the same amount of orange juice (while more nutritionally dense) costs a whopping 168 calories. Beer? 200+ calories per twelve ounces.
  • You need more than you’re having
    The exact amount of water you need per day varies due to your size, location, and activity level. As a general rule of thumb, you should be getting at least 8 glasses (2 liters) per day. Very few people get this amount – and your body needs it!
  • Hydrate before late-night beverages
    If you’re heading to bars after dinner, get a late start on the alcohol, and start with water. You’ll thank yourself the next morning, when your headache isn’t as bad as everyone else’s. Try alternating your beverages – one cup of water for every alcoholic drink. You’ll drink less alcohol, spend less money, and feel better for it.
  • It’s free
    You’ll be surprised how much money you can save when you begin to order water. If you eat out three times a week, and spend an average of $4 on a beverage – that’s $624 a year! Even if you’re ordering soda for $2, switching to water will still save you hundreds of dollars.

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