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Back to School Lunch Ideas

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With Back to School fast approaching, we thought we’d help you out with planning a few nutritious, kid-approved lunch box ideas. Since most schools ban nuts, we’ll be keeping the menu items peanut and tree nut free for your convenience. Also, reusable, segmented lunch boxes like Planet Box, or Lunch Bots really come in handy for daily use. (Make sure you check out this Friday’s post on Back to School Breakfast Ideas!)

  • Wraps
    Less bread-heavy than a sandwich, wraps are also more attractive to kids. By rolling a wrap, you can fit all kinds of nutritious fillings that may not work well with traditional bread. Try any combination of; turkey, ham, cream cheese, sunflower seed butter, thinly sliced cucumber, grated (and paper towel dried) carrot, or hummus.
  • Seaweed Snacks
    Whether you pack large sheets of sushi nori, or the pre-packaged snack size, seaweed is a surprising kid-favorite. Packed with protein, minerals, a hefty amount of vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory properties, seaweed is a lunch box winner.
  • Savory Muffins
    For a fun, hand-held way to disguise veggies, try savory muffins like these ones from Cut Out the Crap.
  • Fruit/Veggies with Dip
    Sliced cucumber, baby carrots, and mini tomatoes go well with hummus or ranch in small containers like Dressing to Go by Sistema. Sliced apple, pear, or peaches go well with yogurt dips or sunflower seed butter.
  • Cheese
    String cheese, Laughing Cow, and Babybel are all lunchbox favorites! Kids love cheese, and so will their teeth and bones, considering the calcium boost.

If you’d like to know more about the healthy recipes we prepare at Catering Central, call us today on (650) 961-3300. Your first step towards planning an event starts here – discussing budgets, numbers, and the vision you have for the event. Let’s work together on creating professional corporate catering in Silicon Valley (94301), and memorable private party catering in San Mateo 94402.

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