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Healthy New Year!

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Healthy living is the by far the country’s most popular New Year’s resolution – and with good reason. A calendar year gives us a natural beginning, a fresh start that provides us with the opportunity to change our behavior and become new. At Catering Central, we love making and eating healthy food, and the positive impact that nutritious eats have on our society.

Generally speaking, healthier food takes longer to make, and is made in the home. When you’ve spent more time making your meal, chances are, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the food you’re eating. When we slow ourselves and eat mindfully, we’re less likely to shovel down our meals out of convenience.

This year, instead of complicating your resolution, focus on one main area of health – eating your fruits and vegetables! Make the majority of your own food, and use simple, natural ingredients. When you’re feeling snacky, reach for something fresh, paired with something that has protein. Try to incorporate fresh produce several times into your day, and you’ll be surprised how great your body will feel.

At Catering Central we highly value health and whole foods. We believe food plays a vital role in not only physical, but emotional health. Our social lives strengthen by building relationships over food, leading to a greater level of connectedness with the world around us. If you’re interested in having your next San Francisco Bay Area (94110, 94024) private or corporate event catered by a company working from this philosophy, call us today on (650) 961-3300. We can’t wait for your call!

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