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April Menu Planning

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Embrace the season, by celebrating in the kitchen with spring produce! While pomegranates, citrus, and all types of winter vegetables are gone for the year – it’s time to enjoy something fresh. Avocadoes will hopefully come down in price, and we should see some other greens – particularly all things peas! Eat them straight from the pod, inside the pod, or try one of these pea recipes from The Kitchn.

When it comes to fruits, you may not be super familiar with rhubarb, though it’s undoubtedly best served in delicious baked desserts. All recipes have a number of delicious ways to use rhubarb, and you can find them by clicking here. Remember, with rhubarb, the redder the stalk the sweeter the taste. Take a look through Pacific Produce’s complete report for April/Early Spring season and be inspired by the freshest local eats.

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