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Current Flavor Trends

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Just like fashionable clothing, foods and flavors go through trends. A few years ago we saw bacon popping up in everything, followed by cupcakes taking over the treat space, then all kinds of pretzels, craft beers, and nitrogen-frozen ice creams. Are you wondering what kinds of flavors you’ll see this year? Here are some trend clues, so you can keep up with the Joneses.


  • Passionfruit
    A timeless favorite in many parts of the world (especially Australia) – fresh passionfruit is widely unavailable in the United States, which makes it an exotic taste for the American palate. Passionfruit’s bright color, flavor, and textured seeds help this fruit stand out from the crowd.
  • Za’atar
    A whole host of Middle Eastern spices, mixed with sea salt, sesame seeds, and sumac are a perfect crunchy seasoning for meats, bread, hummus, or vegetables.
  • Harissa
    This hot chili pepper paste has many culinary applications, including flavoring burger meat, chicken wings, salad dressings, and pasta.
  • Sorghum
    Ancient grains have been in vogue for a while, with quinoa being the star of the show for quite some time. Now it’s sorghum’s time to shine! It’s naturally gluten free, and tastes most like wheat – giving new options for those with gluten sensitivities.


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