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Focus on Fruits

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Have you ever noticed how much better strawberries taste in the summer? When you buy and eat fruit seasonally, they’re so much more delicious than produce that is imported year-round. This summer, take advantage of the rainbow of fruits available in your local stores and farmers’ markets. Here are some tips on choosing the most flavorful fruits:

(1) Strawberries
Look for bright red berries, as local as possible. Better yet – go strawberry picking somewhere near you in the SF Bay Area .

(2) Blueberries
General rule of thumb: The darker the berry, the better it will taste. It doesn’t really matter what size the blueberry is, but avoid ones that are too soft.

(3) Cherries
Taste one if you can! For red cherries, choose dark colors. For Ranier, brown flecks are indicators of sugar accumulation – so they’ll probably be delicious.

(4) Watermelons
Your ideal watermelon should feel heavy for its size, and also a creamy-yellow splotch on the bottom where it has been resting on the ground.

(5) Mangoes
Judge a good mango by how it feels – it should be soft, but not squishy. Depending on the variety, a nice patch of red on the skin will indicate that the mango will be delicious.

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