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Healthy Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

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Childrens’ birthday parties are a great time to celebrate with decadent (read: sugary) treats, but we all know how sugar can send kids into a tailspin. By adding some balanced, healthier choices to your kids’ party food table, you’ll all have a better time – and hopefully fewer meltdowns. We have some ideas to keep healthier options fun:

(1) Rainbow Fruit
Use the natural rainbow of real fruit to create all kinds of fun. By carving out a watermelon or pineapple, you have a bowl that looks great and adds some whimsy. You can go to town with shapes and designs, but a simple fruit salad still looks awesome.

(2) Veggie Ideas by Daily Holiday Blog
From ladybug crackers to veggies made into boats, your kids won’t miss the additives when they see how awesome vegetables can look and taste. These ideas are kid-friendly in more ways than one!

(3) DIY Popcorn Bar
Provide cups of homemade, natural popcorn and have the kids add toppings like; nutritional yeast, semi-sweet chocolate, herbs and spices.

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