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Thanksgiving Holiday Menu

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Sample Catering Menu Options

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  • Fresh Cheese Platter served with Fresh Fruit
  • Parmesano Reggiano, ‘Rouge’ Brie, Manchego, fresh seasonal fruit and Honey

Main Course

  • Delectable Poached Salmon: Salmon, poached in a light white wine cream sauce scented with rosemary and fragrances of garlic, toped with tender julienne carrots and baby leeks.
  • Beef Oxtail Ossco Bucco: Fork tender meat braised to perfection.  Aromas of deep red wine with hints of roasted garlic
  • Beef and Mild Italian Chorizo Lasagna: Mama’s passed down recipe. Layers of slow braised beef and mild Italian sausage, Parmesano Reggiano and fresh mozzarella in a silky irresistible marinara.


  • Creamy Country Scalloped Potatoes with Munster Cheese Munster Cheese lends its velvety smooth taste to complement golden scalloped potatoes.
  • Vegetable Medley: Light, tender and nutritious winter vegetables served with a light lemon sauce.
  • Herbed and Plain Fococcia Bread