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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

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Fresh Cheese Platter served with Fresh Fruit

Parmesano Reggiano, ‘Rouge’ Brie, Manchego, fresh seasonal fruit and Honey


Delectable Poached Salmon

Salmon, poached in a light white wine cream sauce scented with rosemary and
fragrances of garlic, toped with tender julienne carrots and baby leeks.

Beef Oxtail Ossco Bucco

Fork tender meat braised to perfection. Aromas of deep red wine with hints of
roasted garlic

Beef and Mild Italian Chorizo Lasagna

Mama’s passed down recipe. Layers of slow braised beef and mild Italian sausage, Parmesano Reggiano and fresh mozzarella in a silky irresistible marinara.


Creamy Country Scalloped Potatoes with Munster Cheese

Munster Cheese lends its velvety smooth taste to complement golden scalloped potatoes.

Vegetable Medley

Light, tender and nutritious winter vegetables served with a light lemon sauce.

Herbed and Plain Fococcia Bread

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