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Get to Know Our Appetizers

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Depending on the event, appetizers can get the party started – or they can be main culinary attraction. Because we have a whole host of delectable starters to whet your appetite, it’s high time we introduced some of them to you.

From our sample birthday menu, why not try our; asparagus prosciutto wraps, fresh fruit on bamboo skewers, imported cheese platters with fresh bread, Harris Ranch beef sliders, curried chicken tea sandwiches, vegetarian napoleon (grilled zucchini, goat cheese and cherry tomato on fresh bread) and Argentine empanadas.

When it comes to wedding receptions, our sample menu is brimming with appetizer options. To name a few, we have; mini pita and fresh falafel appetizers, baked brie wheel with fresh baguette, endive salad spear salad or a canapé (fancy French word for appetizer) of , English crisp cucumbers with smoked salmon, capers and herbed cream cheese.

If you are looking for the perfect appetizers for your event, click on the menus link above and you will find sample menus for all kinds of occasions. Call us today on 650-961-3300 to talk about how we can cater your next event with these delicious morsels and more.