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Top 5 Reusable Kitchen Items

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Your kitchen is a place where new inventions come pouring in, but there’s something so satisfying about getting back to basics. Many kitchen items perform one function only, yet these five things can be upcycled and reused day after day.

  1. Coffee Filter
    If you enjoy a steaming cup of pour over every morning, you’re likely to be using paper filters. For a little more than the cost of a box of paper filters, you can pick up a cloth filter that does the job day after day. Rinse, hang out to dry!

  1. Glass Jars
    Pasta sauce, peanut butter, olives and salsa all tend to come in glass jars. When you’re done with the product, remove the label (with the help of Goo Gone or Eucalyptus Oil) and reuse the clean jar.

  1. Bags from Grocery Stores
    Whether you’re finding uses for disposable bags at home (e.g. garbage liners, storage) or reusing cloth bags at the store, there are global benefits of being mindful of waste.

  1. Salt and Pepper Grinders
    When you purchase whole salt and pepper at the grocery store, they come in grinders that many throw in the trash after one use. Simply take off the lid, and refill.

  1. Food Storage Containers
    Bringing your own food to work or school is good for your wallet and waistline. In addition, you cut down on waste when you reuse the containers in which you store food.

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