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Summertime Salads

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Summer is a great time to get creative with your salads. If you’re lacking inspiration, think about the incredible selection available at local health food stores with salad bars, like you’d see at Whole Foods. Anything and everything you can put on a salad is right there, giving you a wide range of options for a salad perfectly customized to your mood.

If the salad is your meal, go heavy on the protein. Nuts, seeds, tofu, cheese and meat are delicious ways to keep you going for hours. Shying away from carbs might be better for your waistline, but it may cause you to be hungry soon after you eat. Try adding some complex carbs like quinoa, rye bread croutons or pita bread to your plate.

Dark, leafy greens are undoubtedly amazing for your health. Packing a punch of iron, calcium and fiber (to name a few) – kale and spinach are a smart choice for a salad base. Don’t underestimate Romaine lettuce just because it looks like it’s nutritionally void counterpart Iceberg lettuce. Romaine is a great source of chromium, which is a natural helper in the balancing of blood sugar.

Lastly – take risks! If you’ve never added berries, mango or dried fruits to your salad – today is the day. If you’ve only ever used one kind of dressing, try another variety. You’ll never know what works unless you try something new.

We have added our California Salad menu – a hit with companies who want to provide a healthy, yet fortified, lunch salad meal. Take a look!

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Catering a Business Grand Opening

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If you are amping up to open a brand new business, or reimagining a business that has already existed, you might want to consider hosting a grand opening. By making the moment into a party, you will not only attract attention from potential customers, you will be making a statement. Be serious about your business – you’re a force to be reckoned with!

At Catering Central, we are fully prepared and equipped to help you launch with all fires blazing. We have a variety of menus to suit your needs, ranging from cocktail party/hors d’oeuvres to brunch buffets, and continental breakfasts.

It is extremely important to mingle with potential clientele when launching a grand opening. In addition to providing the delicious the food, we have wait staff who will keep the event running smoothly so you and your employees can meet and greet your guests.

No doubt, hosting a grand opening will involve spending some money – but consider this an investment into the future of your business. You believe in your business model, so give your guests a platform to get behind the vision you see so clearly in your mind’s eye.