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Easy Dinners To Impress Guests

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You don’t need to be a culinary genius to impress a few dinner guests! The links below are to countless recipes that look complicated, taste amazing, and are actually a cinch to make.

  1. 19 Easy Dinners That Will Impress The Heck Out Of Your Date by Buzzfeed
    This list kicks off with coconut-crusted tilapia adorned in pomegranate salsa, so you can see that these recipes aren’t messing around. Make the seared scallops in brown butter, dream of the cosy chicken piccata, or try your hand at a perfectly cooked steak.

  2. Simple Dinner Party Ideas That Will Impress Guests by Business Insider
    Antipasto and proscuitto-wrapped anything tend to impress people. Sometimes minimalist ingredients used well pack a bigger punch than all the complicated recipes in the world.

  3. 10 Gourmet Recipes to Impress (Plus 10 Easy Shortcuts for Weeknights) by Real Simple
    Who doesn’t love a good shortcut – especially when you’re ending up with a similar product! Cutting corners doesn’t have to mean cutting taste. Check out the Salt-Baked Leg of Lamb and potatoes!

If you’re planning an upcoming event, let Catering Central take care of the food. We believe that food can transcend simple nourishment, harnessing the power to connect people. We provide corporate catering in San Mateo, private party catering in Mountain View, the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond! Call us today on (650) 961-3300.

DIY Salad Dressing

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Modified corn starch, monosodium glutamate, and xanthan gum are just a short list of additives in commercial salad dressings that really don’t need to be there. With a few simple pantry ingredients, you can make your own salad dressings that taste great and cut out the junk.

Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette
If you read nothing else today, remember this recipe! You need only five ingredients – ½ cup olive oil, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Shake it up in a mason jar and suddenly your salad is awesome.

50 DIY Salad Dressings by
Food Network
Any salad dressing you can buy, you can make. Use this list as inspiration, or a guide when you’re needing some dressing.

8 Easy DIY Salad Dressings by Greatist
Check out this infographic – anything from almond, miso-orange, and smoky tahihi can be made from this list!

While there’s no such thing as “good” and “bad” food, let’s work together on spending the majority of our lives filling our bodies with nutritious fuel instead of unnecessary additives. If you’re looking for event catering in Redwood City (94604), private party catering in San Jose (95117), or general catering in the San Francisco Bay Area – call us today on (650) 961-3300. We thrive on healthy food – and so can you!

Safe Table Scraps for Dogs

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To many pet owners, the addition of a dog to the family means there’s a very welcoming mouth to feed with expired leftovers. But are table scraps really that safe for dogs? We have had a look around to see which human foods work for dogs, and which should just be composted. The American Kennel Club has an exhaustive list, and we have a short summary below.

Human Food Dogs Can Eat
-A small amount of plain bread is okay, but don’t go overboard
-Coconut is actually super healthy for dogs
-Fish is fine, but watch for bones
-Peanut butter is allowed, but make sure it doesn’t contain Xylitol
-Tuna is fine in moderation, as long as it’s plain
(See the AKC website for more!)

Please Don’t Feed Your Dog These Things…
(Again, these are just a few at a glance – see Food Beast for another great list)

At Catering Central we highly value health and whole foods – for humans. Just as the right food nourishes dogs to live their best life, we believe food plays a vital role in a person’s physical, and emotional health. Our social lives strengthen by building relationships over food, leading to a greater level of connectedness with the world around us. If you’re interested in having your next San Francisco Bay Area (94110, 94024) private or corporate event catered by a company working from this philosophy, call us today on (650) 961-3300. We can’t wait for your call!

Preserving Fresh Herbs

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Most of us buy fresh herbs for specific recipes, using a couple of leaves or sprigs, then allowing the remainder wither in the fridge. To eliminate waste, and to save money on your grocery bills, you can preserve fresh herbs in the freezer, using a simple ice cube tray

  • Water Method
    For minimal damage, tender herbs like mint, parsley, and cilantro are great to freeze in water. Simply thaw and strain for later use, or keep some mint for tea.
  • Broth Method
    Herbs that you may use in soups and risottos can be frozen in broth. Anywhere you’d normally use broth and herbs are suitable for this method – you can even throw some frozen herb/broth ice cubes directly into your rice cooker along with your rice and liquid of choice.
  • Oil Method
    For sautes, stews, and roasts, freeze those herbs in olive oil. This is perhaps the most versatile of all the methods – you can capture the fresh taste of seasonal herbs and enjoy them all year long!

The beauty of hiring a catering company like ours is that you can enjoy the party with your guests, without so much as lifting a finger. If you’re seeking corporate, private, or wedding catering this summer (or beyond) – call us today on (650) 961-3300. We’re experts in corporate catering in San Mateo (94402), private party catering in the San Francisco Bay Area (94117) and everywhere in between!

San Francisco’s Best Ice Cream

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Now that the days are warming up, you might be looking for some stellar ice cream to get you through summer. San Francisco is a hub of new and different foods, as well as home to many classics that have been loved throughout the generations. We have a list of a handful of SF’s most highly rated ice creams for you to check out:

  • Humphrey Slocome
    Opened: 2008
    Most Famous Flavor: Secret Breakfast (Bourbon and cornflakes)
    If you’re adventurous, try: Peanut Butter Curry
  • Smitten
    Opened: 2009
    Most Famous Flavor: Tcho Chocolate
    If you’re adventurous, try: Strawberry White Balsamic (When it’s in season)
  • Mitchell’s
    Opened: 1953
    Most Famous Flavor: Filipino and Peruvian flavors – ube, lucuma, buko
    If you’re adventurous, try: Avocado
  • Bi Rite Creamery
    Opened: 2002
    Most Famous Flavor: Honey Lavender
    If you’re adventurous, try: Chamomile tea with lemon poppy crumble (seasonal)

You can enjoy all foods in moderation, as long as they’re part of a balanced diet. At Catering Central, we highly value food as a means of connection with others, and aim to give all of our clients a positive and satisfying experience with our services. If you’re looking for corporate catering in the San Francisco Bay (94111), private party catering in Sunnyvale (94086), or general catering in Mountain View (94040) – call us today on (650) 961-3300!

Food Startups and the Little Guys

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Gone are the days where people connected directly with the caterer as the sole means of gathering business. Over the past few years many food startups have begun to corral a pool of catering services and help companies decide what kinds of food they serve their staff on a daily basis, which in and of itself is a solution to a problem. Yet, bigger picture, these online alternatives are severely affecting their offline counterparts.

With online accessibility ruling how people find vendors, it’s easy to forget the “little guys” and our dwindling margins when going through a third party system. One way you can help small businesses stay afloat is to cut the middle man and contact us directly when you need catering services. We’re ready to hear your vision for your event and match your budget with the highest quality foods and services from Catering Central. When you come directly to your caterer, more of your money makes it back to our business and we can keep bringing our best to the Northern California catering scene.

At Catering Central, we highly value food as a means of connection with others, and aim to give all of our clients a positive and satisfying experience with our services. We are passionate about supporting small businesses and keeping food fresh, seasonal, and local. If you’re looking for corporate catering in the San Francisco Bay (94111), private party catering in Sunnyvale (94086), or general catering in Mountain View (94040) – call us today on (650) 961-3300!

Seasonal Salads

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Since we explored the fresh local produce of Spring last week, this week we will be thinking about some ways to make your daily salad seasonal. By adding a few of these ingredients to your bowl or plate, you’ll be making the best of what Mother Nature provides at its most delicious time.


  • Peas
    Who doesn’t love the ‘pop’ of a fresh pea in their salad? Whether it’s sugar snap, english or snow peas, these fresh green orbs don’t only taste great, but also help protect you from stomach cancer, help prevent Alzheimer’s, and assist in weight management.

  • Baby Carrots
    You might think of these as a year-round snack, but boy do they taste better when they’re in season! Dip them in hummus, ranch, or spinach dip for an afternoon snack.

  • Edible Flowers
    You may never have eaten flowers before, but edible ones like nasturtiums aren’t only beautiful, but they pack a nutritional punch too. Forage for them where you know they’re safe (and double check they’re definitely nasturtiums) or find them at your local farmer’s market.

Here at Catering Central, we love making food taste great. We’d be happy to hear about the vision you have for your party, and work with you to make it happen. We do Private Party catering in the San Francisco Bay Area, Corporate Catering in Silicon Valley, and events all the way from Mountain View to San Francisco. If you’re looking for catering when it comes to parties, events and gatherings – call us today on (650) 961-3300.

April Menu Planning

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Embrace the season, by celebrating in the kitchen with spring produce! While pomegranates, citrus, and all types of winter vegetables are gone for the year – it’s time to enjoy something fresh. Avocadoes will hopefully come down in price, and we should see some other greens – particularly all things peas! Eat them straight from the pod, inside the pod, or try one of these pea recipes from The Kitchn.

When it comes to fruits, you may not be super familiar with rhubarb, though it’s undoubtedly best served in delicious baked desserts. All recipes have a number of delicious ways to use rhubarb, and you can find them by clicking here. Remember, with rhubarb, the redder the stalk the sweeter the taste. Take a look through Pacific Produce’s complete report for April/Early Spring season and be inspired by the freshest local eats.

At Catering Central, we highly value food as a means of connection with others, and aim to give all of our clients a positive and satisfying experience with our services. If you’re looking for corporate catering in the San Francisco Bay (94111), private party catering in Sunnyvale (94086), or general catering in Mountain View (94040) – call us today on (650) 961-3300!




Passover Recipes

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Although the first night of Passover has already happened, there are still plenty more days to observe the holiday through food. You can find many everyday passover recipes online, and we’d like to bring some of them to you through this blog.

  1. Everyday Passover Recipes – by All Recipes
    These meals will help those struggling to find interesting things to eat within the holiday’s specific kosher guidelines. There’s even pizza made on matza!

  2. Passover Recipes – by Rachael Ray
    So many inventive ways to use matzo! Try it instead of dinner rolls, and crusted atop salmon. There’s a different meal idea for every night!

  3. Delicious Passover Recipes for Tots – by Pop Sugar
    Getting kids to eat unleavened food can sometimes be difficult – that’s why Pop Sugar came up with a list of kid-friendly meals that your little ones will love this Passover.

At Catering Central, we do everything from event catering in Redwood City (94602), to all kinds of catering services in Palo Alto (94303). Find out how our catering services are set apart from our competition, by seeing first hand, what we do best. Expect fresh, healthy food coupled with staff committed to excellence. Call us today on (650) 961-3300!

Easter Party Recipes

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Whether you’re planning a get-together for a few friends, or hosting the whole family we have some Easter recipes to suit your party. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve scoured the internet to find some Easter appetizer, dinner, and dessert ideas.

  1. 55 Most Delish Easter Dinner Ideas – by Delish
    From the Spinach and Artichoke Crown of Roast Lamb and Dr. Pepper Pineapple Glazed Ham, to the Corn Pudding and Wild Salmon Casserole – you’re sure to find your Easter dinner in this list!

  2. 30 Easter Brunch Recipes That Don’t Take All Day – Bon Appetit
    Who wants Quiche Lorraine? You do! Turns out Bon Appetit has one on their BA’s Best List. It’s up there with the Ultimate Sticky Buns and Dark Chocolate Waffles – as you can see, this list is as decadent as it is delicious!

  3. Easter Ideas 2017 – by Country Living
    More than just food, Country Living offers a number of decor ideas in addition to tasty treats and hearty holiday meals. There are easy crafts (even edible crafts), and basically everything you need to make your Easter gathering a hit.

If you’d like to know more about the springtime recipes we prepare at Catering Central, call us today on (650) 961-3300. Your first step towards planning an event starts here – discussing budgets, numbers, and the vision you have for the event. Let’s work together on creating professional corporate catering in Silicon Valley (94301), and memorable private party catering in San Mateo (94402).