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Novelty Cocktails

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When you’re out at a bar, do you get inspired by the big, ridiculous novelty cocktails you see? Many themed bars in the Bay Area (e.g. Trick Dog and Smuggler’s Cove) serve fun boozy mixes in kitchy vessels, and you can make your own novelty cocktails at home, too! Here are a couple of ideas to get your inspiration flowing:

  1. Watermelon Keg
    Keeping it green (literally) never tasted so good! The watermelon keg is made by hollowing a watermelon, adding a tap, liquidizing the watermelon chunks and mixing it with alcohol. Perfect novelty for a summer party.

  2. All Kinds of Bacon Cocktails
    You thought the bacon craze was done? Well, if you’re into all things salty/sweet, these boozy bacon shakes are for you.

  3. The Cotton Candy Martini
    There’s a guaranteed sugar rush in every sip! If your adult body can handle it, the cotton candy martini will take you back to childhood, while reminding you how old you are.

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Frozen Cocktails

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There’s nothing quite like a frozen drink on a hot summer’s day… especially if that frozen drink is alcoholic. Dust off your blender and make a shopping list for BevMo – we have some some frozen cocktail ideas to keep you as cool as a cucumber.

BuzzFeed is the ultimate collection of funny articles, lifehacks and interesting facts – also home to a list of 29 Frozen Drinks to Put on Your Bucket List. Check out #12 – The Peach and Honey Sangria Slushy – for a perfect seasonal fruit to blend into your cocktail.

For something creamy, make your espresso frappe a little more adult by adding Kahlua. For a full list of adult frappes, click here. We love the Chocolate Covered Cherry Frappe – talk about indulgent!

If you’re watching your waistline, or simply looking for less decadent options, take a look at this article about making your drinks healthier. We particularly love the tip about using honey to make simple syrup. While it’s still sugary, honey boasts some excellent health benefits like antioxidants and allergy support.

Enjoy the chill while you can!

Spring Cocktails

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To make up for the hour of sleep you will lose this weekend due to Spring Forward, we’re going to give you some fresh cocktail recipe ideas to keep you partying through your sleepy Sunday. Spring is a celebration of new life, as well as splashes of citrus, berries and cucumbers.

The Kitchn has released a bunch of smashing Spring cocktails, which can be found right here. Try their Margaritas on for size! They have recipes for Spicy-Cool Blood Orange and Strawberry Basil Margaritas, ice cold and ready for you to enjoy.

Harnessing the zesty taste of lemon, the Vieux Carre is an easy cocktail for you to make at home. If you’re into the punchy taste of the Vieux Carre, you’ll be glad to know that once you buy the ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up quite a few of these babies before your bottles run out. Find the recipe here.

For the classic taste of refreshment this Spring, mix up a Mojito. AllRecipes has instructions to make The Real Mojito. Packed with minty-lime tones, the Mojito offers a base from which you can make all kinds of flavored drinks.

Mixing up cocktails at home might take some extra effort, and mean buying extra ingredients, but you’ll find in the long run it’s more cost effective than buying them at bars. Also, you’ll never feel so cool as when you’re shaking up a fancy mix for your friends.