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Summertime Salads

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Summer is a great time to get creative with your salads. If you’re lacking inspiration, think about the incredible selection available at local health food stores with salad bars, like you’d see at Whole Foods. Anything and everything you can put on a salad is right there, giving you a wide range of options for a salad perfectly customized to your mood.

If the salad is your meal, go heavy on the protein. Nuts, seeds, tofu, cheese and meat are delicious ways to keep you going for hours. Shying away from carbs might be better for your waistline, but it may cause you to be hungry soon after you eat. Try adding some complex carbs like quinoa, rye bread croutons or pita bread to your plate.

Dark, leafy greens are undoubtedly amazing for your health. Packing a punch of iron, calcium and fiber (to name a few) – kale and spinach are a smart choice for a salad base. Don’t underestimate Romaine lettuce just because it looks like it’s nutritionally void counterpart Iceberg lettuce. Romaine is a great source of chromium, which is a natural helper in the balancing of blood sugar.

Lastly – take risks! If you’ve never added berries, mango or dried fruits to your salad – today is the day. If you’ve only ever used one kind of dressing, try another variety. You’ll never know what works unless you try something new.

We have added our California Salad menu – a hit with companies who want to provide a healthy, yet fortified, lunch salad meal. Take a look!

California Salad Menu (1)1

Building Staff Culture with Food

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If you are looking for a way to build your staff team, look no further than sharing a meal. Many workplace leaders will occasionally provide food in the break room, without fully realizing that the act of breaking bread together is so much more powerful. There is a big difference between eating together vs. eating alone.

Having your team join for a meal will solidify their relationships simply because you are changing their routine, and hopefully making happy memories in the process. As their boss, showing appreciation through your actions speaks volumes to the value you place on your staff members. Morale is raised via appreciation, and you know that a happy team is a more productive team.

Where possible, make the meal during the regular time your staff would work. If your crew is unable to get together during the work day, try putting on a breakfast before the day begins or dinner when the work day is done. If you’re going for a time outside of work hours, limit “shop talk” so that your team has a chance to talk about other things. You also don’t want people to dread coming together, so keep it light.

Remember that celebrating the little things will mean a lot to your staff. Your effectiveness as a leader is marked by your willingness to go the extra mile for those helping to make the company’s vision work on a day-by-day level.

Company Luncheon Trends

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If you’re planning an upcoming company luncheon, stay alert for the types of foods trending for these kinds of events. When you’re feeding a large crowd, being aware of the kinds of foods that will suit their tastes and dietary needs will save you the hassle of wasting money on food that won’t be eaten.

This year, companies seem to be falling into three distinct groups;

  • Proteins and sides only
    The low carb trend is at an all time high! With many people eager to trim their waistline, providing your crew with food that lends itself to fitting with the Paleo or Atkins way of eating, could be a total crowd pleaser. Meat and vegetables all the way.
  • Healthy balanced meals
    Tried and true meals of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates seem to please the masses. These meals are more mainstream, involving hearty food and usually a salad side.
  • Trying something new
    Interested in a burger bar? What about serving appetizers instead of a meal? Have you thought about a regional theme for your food? Stretch your imagination and pitch us your ideas.

Which one will your company choose? Whatever your choice, call us today on (650) 961-3300 so we can provide you with catering solutions.